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Support for Moms

New Mommies
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This community was created for new moms...

new_moms is for mothers who would like advice, help, or support about being a new parent whether this is your first or your fifth.

Dads are welcome too if they have baby questions or concerns.

If you would like to be a part of this community you need to ask permission by clicking the link above to join. The moderator will then review your user info page and/or journal. If you do not have anything on your info page or if your journal is private, then you should email the moderator (maestramars@yahoo.com) and tell her about yourself and your baby. If it is not obvious that you are a mother, your request to join will be denied. This has been done because a few people tried to spoil this community for everyone. Unfortunately this is a resolution that takes time on the mod's part and it might take a few days for you to be added. Please be patient.

Trolls and rude people will not be tolerated. This is NOT a political forum. Any post that results in negative comments will be deleted all together and individuals will be banned.

Sorry but if you are pregnant please refrain from posting about pregnancy issues. pregnant is a good place for those concerns.

If you are teen mom you might feel more comfortable/like also joining teenmommies and youngmoms.

Before you post...

Please take a look at our FAQs section for useful information about all things mommy!

We'd love to know about you and your little one, so please introduce yourself. You are welcome to join even if you are not a mom *yet*. You might also find useful info in making_babies.

Please make note that...

We are all mature adults here, so please be respectful to each other and all opinions.

A lot of people have dial up or slow connections and the large pictures can really mess up their computers. If you're new to all this and you have any questions (we've all been there before) try:
specifically: How do I use an lj-cut?

Posting about BABY things that you are selling on Ebay or coupon/goods swapping IS ALLOWED. Please use good judgement before posting.

If you would like to promo a new community that has to do with parenting then please make sure to describe how it is different than ours and what it's about. Promoting communities that are our "competition" is not allowed for obvious reasons. community_promo is a good place for "free for all" promoting.

Helpful (active) communities we have found useful to new moms are:
for breastfeeding:
and misc kids communities
kidsproducts evaluate and share products for kids
_ilovemykids share what your kids do that make you love them so much
parenting for moms with kids of all ages
steps_and_such for step parents

The maintainer/moderator of this community is martemom if you have any questions or concerns please email me at maestramars@yahoo.com. The comaintainer/moderator is violentmae , violentmae@livejournal.com

Please contact either of us if there are any concerns.